Pregnant with vision.

Expressions is sometimes hard to define.

Two years ago now, I was sitting in church on a Sunday morning with my friend Esther. God then both gave us this amazing vision of using creative arts for him.
How? we didn’t know.
When? we weren’t sure…..
but on this morning Expressions was conceived.

Since seeing the vision, I haven’t been able to drop it from my heart!…..Chasing what God wants is all I have been excited about ever since. I am pregnant with the vision.

Not that I have personally experienced pregnancy, but I hear it comes with nausea, excitement, preparation,and birthing pains…
I have in many different ways been experiencing these symptoms as the vision of Expressions starts to form.
For two years myself and friends around me having been praying about the vision and what God wants it to be. We have organised two summer workshops which have been awesome, with healings, creativity, renewed passion, amazing worship and unity between youth. We have started to see something….part of the future.

In September last year, I went to Edinburgh for a 24/7 prayer weekend. On the last day, a friend Phil, was praying for me and among other wise words he said:
‘This year is going to be a hard year, being pushed from all sides, but I feel God is saying that you are going to sing a new song. Not necessarily a literal song but maybe the way you are will bring something new’…(give or take)

Crossover, the amazing youth and schools work team that I have been a part of for almost 9 years, have been a vital strength to both myself and the Expressions vision. Crossover has also had amazing words from God about not putting old wine in new wine skins:

Matthew 9:17
Neither do people pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst; the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.

Expressions will bring something new and it isn’t just myself that is getting excited. As the ‘bump’ starts to form…people around and coming to see and and understand what God is planning….

The labour pains, or the pushing from all sides, has been hard. Whether it is challenges in daily life or just when planning the business side of everything to come. There has been prayer meetings, funding meetings, and I still don’t entirely know how and when Expressions will form.

This blog is just to show that Expressions is moving forward and will need as much prayer and commitment from people around as possible…just like a new born baby.

I’ve been sick with not knowing, excited about seeing, preparing to my hearts content and definitely feeling the labour pains but this is going to be good because it is God’s.

Keep a look out and let me know if you have any passions, prayers or prophetic words to pass along.


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