1Vision Hemel: 24/7 Prayer is a vision for continuous prayer, worship and justice for the town of Hemel Hempstead and its people. The focus is Jesus: to call out in His name for both this area and the world beyond. We believe intimacy with God and justice for our world go hand and hand and can only be realised in full through remaining in connection with Him through dependency on His Spirit.

Our values:

The heart of the Hemel 24/7 Prayer vision is captured in this vision poem, written whilst reading Pete Greig’s ‘Red Moon Rising

Can you see those faces becoming names, those clenched palms opening out?
I see people flocking, having to move.
Led by impulses that they don’t yet recognise, a voice they haven’t heard.
I see them coming- and remaining, unable to flee from this presence.
I see vulnerability breaking into freedom and pain giving way to joy.
And wholeness surrounding people until their eternal fill overflows.
I see warriors of love, persistent in their gracious stands.
I see a truly changed nation, undeterred by scoffers who list impossibilities.
I see the word of God slicing through, its power unshakeable and surprising. Jesus’ love acting like a magnet, offering an irresistible choice.
This isn’t my sight, my eyes or my faith. My own head may cry no with squirms of uncertainty and barriers of apathy.
But this is Gods.
This is dangerous territory.
We cannot stop Him, cannot thwart Him, can only be swept up in this tidal wave.
Our hearts will be won whether or not we think we are ready, whether our own reasoning nods in approval or not.
So we succumb, not unwillingly but living for no greater purpose and no better plan.
He’s spoken, it is finished.
But yet we are still to see, yet to come.
Wait, watch, listen.
Be ever alert.
Don’t put down the shutters of your heart. Let the sun shine through and the stars assemble in the night. Let your own body be strengthened and move your feet.
Don’t stop, don’t turn back, there isn’t time. Keep looking ahead, it’s too compelling to look away.
Feast your eyes and soak it in. Drink only the choicest wine.
The time is here.
God has not withheld His breath.