We like to keep a record of the things that we have got up to over the years. Whilst no means exhaustive, you can get an idea of some of our programmes in this section. You can also find more in our Events/Reviews blog section, and see some photos in our gallery.


Ezekiel (Summer School)

Coming Summer 2015.

Grain of Hope (Easter)

We spent a day looking at the Easter story and then brought it to life for an audience at South Hill Church on Easter Sunday morning. You can see photos from the Grain of Hope here.


Edge Camp : Tribe The Cross Uncovered

We had the great priviledge of leading some of the children’s work at The Edge camp- see here for their website.
We enjoyed a fun-filled week, acting as detectives to explore the gospels in order to make our verdicts of who we thought Jesus really was.

Coat of Many Colours (Summer)

We spent 3 days with the group divided into two age groups as we journeyed through the story of Joseph using dance, drama, music and art. The young people both learnt and created a presentation which they shared with others on the final day.


Journey to the Promised Land (Summer)

This is a 4 day event learning about and engaging with the story of the Israelites from Egypt into the promised land. Not only did the young people communicate the story creatively but there was also reflection into what this means for their lives today as they embark on their own personal journeys.
You can see photos here.

Devoted (Summer) women in Bible

Especially for girls, this event explored 3 inspiring female characters from the Bible: Esther, Ruth and the woman who poured perfume over Jesus’ feet. Combining not only the arts but also some pampering and cooking this was a fantastic time to encourage one another and have great fun!

The God Story Beverley (Easter)

A week holiday club for 5-11s in the mornings and 11-18s in the afternoons. We explored the Bible through drama, craft, dance, art and music culminating in an hour performance to over 200 people of the narrative of the Bible. You can see photos here.


Glow (October)

For October half term we explored a number of characters from the Bible including Moses, Jonah and Peter culminating in an interactive performance. You can see photos here.

Across Hemel

As part of the cross churches outreach to Hemel Hempstead during the Olympic games, Expressions created a flash mob dance, supported youth events and got involved in the Across Hemel events. You can see photos here.

4 points (Weekend away)

We joined some of the children from Urban Saints Beverley on a weekend away to Filey, enjoying games on the beach, adventures around the town and teaching looking at the 4points through dance, drama and art.

The God Story Hemel (Summer)

Using similar material to The God Story run in Beverley (see above) we spent 5 days with a group of young people (11-15). We explored the ‘thread’ that runs throughout the Bible, both engaging with some key characters and reflecting on God’s continuing relationship with His children.
You can see photos here.


Prayer (Summer)

This week looked at how to engage with God through prayer- both individually and collectively- in a variety of ways. We introduced the young people to new and creative ways of praying, encouraging personal expression, freedom and honesty.
You can see photos here.


Time to tell a tale (Summer)
This week creatively explored some of the various parables that Jesus shared on earth.