Dancing in the spirit..

Dancing in the spirit can seem like quite a odd idea to some people, but I feel that it is seriously a place of pure worship.

I have been trained in dance, but dancing for God requires no training at all…just an obedient body ūüôā

Last week myself and a few of the Expressions team went to Soul survivor’s Momentum. This was located in Shepton Mallet in the Bath and West grounds (Lots of fields and cow sheds)….And lots of people wanting to meet God when we arrived!…

People put up their tents to create a huuuuge open community and there is a food court to buy your sustenance for the week and a mahoooooosive tent where we all meet together for worship celebrations, teaching etc..

There’s something unique about worshipping God together with thousands of people who have the same desire as yourself.
To meet with our  creator.

After this years Expressions (Summer school), I have had more confidence to dance for Him. So at Momentum in front of thousands of others, I took that step.

Its ALWAYS the step which is the hardest part. The fear of how people are going to react and the consequences of the move….but this time it was worth it.

All week I met with God in a¬†truly¬†new way, and so did a lot of others around me. The free worship, in an open space seem to inspire many others to use what they have and give it to Him. I have seen ballet dancers and Breakdancers in Worship (Amazing). People who have never danced before but knew how to move….utterly beautiful.

God used me this week to touch others and I love to hear that.

When we move for God, its a powerful thing.

A couple of inspiring moments I would like to share:

1) At the back of the tent, there is an open space. A creative space….
I only found this out half way through the week. But when I first walked in, I found treasure.

People worshipping with flags, dancers of all kinds, ballet, contemporary, tap and more….They obviously wanted space to move WITH GOD.
I was instantly excited but dissapointed. Why could no-one else see and share on this experience…It was almost like they were hiding…
For me, creativity is part OF the church therefore they needed to be with everyone else…

So next time… I am hoping we will be!

2) A young girl approached me on the second day of momentum with a friend, asking whether I was dancing in worship. she said then when she looked at me she was filled with the spirit. (AWESOME GOD) …the funny part is that she had tried to not stare but couldn’t because she knew she would only be filled again if she looked back.

3) A dancer called Katie came and asked how she could worship God with Dance. It was confidence that was holding her back, scared of being judged I suppose.

Shame how our faith can be so affected by the world around us… which I have had so many times.

That night I showed her the space at the back of the room where she danced so freely among others with the same desire…Then I took her later to the front where she moved for the one she loved.

4) On the last evening, a guy came and spoke to me at the end of the worship celebration. He had been watching me all week and had a picture from God for me.

(A bit of context is needed)

The night before, I had been talking to some friends about life.
And I have used the story of the Ugly Duckling to represent my life.

In the sense, that when I was younger, no-one wanted me. I didn’t belong to a certain place and didn’t fit in. (Wasn’t the¬†prettiest¬†duck either ūüôā )

And as I have grown into Gods Identity for me, things are changing. I belong and Gods spirit in me attracts people…like with the dancing.

..anyways back to the Guy.

He said the picture was of a beautiful swan….and I had these wings that weren’t huge like angel wings but elegent and lengthened out to the side.

I was breathless…

I conclude with, God can use all things to show his amazing love…



  1. Amber says

    This has been the first year I have been around to hear about expressions.. and I’m so excited for all the years to come.
    Its so great to watch so many people worship god in so many ways, and its inspiring to watch people who are shy come out of themselves in all the various types of arts.
    I am totally overwhelmed by the amount of gods love that had already been expressed and I’m so looking forward to see so much more.

    Amber x

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