Ministry through the arts
Our 1vision team are passionate about creative arts that are inspired by the Holy Spirit and firmly believe that God can speak to people through them.
We can lead prayer and worship sessions through creativity (music, art, dance etc) or be invited to lead ministry time through the arts. For example, we have shared worship based dances at conferences and church events.
Workshop sessions
We are able to lead specific workshops that explore the role of the creative arts in connecting with God. Our aim is to explore relationship with God in these ways and to encourage people to express themselves in new ways.
For example, we have led workshops with a local youth group on creative worship, allowing time for them to explore it themselves. We have also run movement sessions that have facilitated prayer through action.
Recent Events
Walk of Witness Performances- Easter 17

We had the priviledge of sharing dance and drama pieces in Hemel town centre for this event. These focused on communicating the good news of Jesus in a creative and expressive we way. We were joined by a wonderful team of people to share these alongside the running of a creative prayer tent. It was an honour to share together with the other churches in the town as well as communicating with the general public.