Danie and JennyThe 1VISION team are passionate Christians seeking God and encouraging the use of creative arts in exploring the Christian faith. Through interactive, varied and exciting programmes, 1VISION equips and resources churches, schools and individuals by providing workshops, day conferences, holiday clubs, summer schools, weekends away and performances.

We believe that encountering God changes lives, so we give people chances for this, whether it’s the first or thousandth time. We work with children, teens and adults, and have programmes for those with learning and physical disabilities.

We value the local church and want to work alongside leaders to create opportunities for creativity that will have a lasting impact on their members and serve their communities.

Based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire we work across the UK and beyond and have a large team of innovative and inspiring Christian professionals.

What we do

DAY CONFERENCES give a chance for a team, group or congregation to explore a topic through selected art forms. Themes and activities can be created alongside churches, based on Bible Characters, a passage of scripture or a Psalm.

We provide teaching WORKSHOPS for groups or leaders around an art form, theme or topic.

We run HOLIDAY CLUBS and 1VISION SUMMER SCHOOL weeks across the country. Previous themes include Prayer, Light, The Greatest Story ever told and Holy Week.

Expressions provides interactive teaching for WEEKENDS AWAY. Previous themes have included the4points, prayer and hope.

We run DISCOVERY CLUBS in local schools. These are sessions using games and all of the creative arts to explore christian topics.

We have a 24/7 PRAYER strand which includes a weekly community group, running prayer spaces and a prayer room that is available to use at various times.

We are passionate about CREATIVE WORSHIP and can be booked for workshops or worship leading.

Our team includes professional youth workers, teachers, dancers, musicians, artists and actors, all of whom are fully trained and DBS checked.

To find out more get in contact with us!